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Southern hospitality is alive and well. In this anthology you may find a little old, a little new, and perhaps some mysterious doings. How about a ghost — or was it a ghost pepper? Was that a witch, a sprite, an elf, or a seer? You may be looking for a beautiful garden, a mint julep, or a jazz festival. Come on down! Bless your heart, you may never want to leave.

What A Day! is a collection of stories about special, memorable days in the lives of an eclectic, quirky mix of characters. You'll enjoy fantasy, romance, historical, and more by best-selling authors like Linda Howard and Linda Winstead Jones as well as newer authors, none of which you'll want to miss! Come laugh, cry, gasp, and smile your way through these fun, light-hearted, suspenseful, and intriguing stories.

Story Descriptions

Mystic Matchmaker by Linda Winstead Jones

When aging matriarch Helen Benedict sets her mind to finding her newly-divorced niece a reason to come home to Mystic Springs, she will not be dissuaded. Surely the right man will do the trick...


A Harvest Moon to Remember by Crystal R. Lee

Alluring Minerva joins thrill-seeker Christian for a Harvest Moon celebration aboard his yacht on Lake Guntersville, but magic mingles with vengeance when their late-night tryst claims a life.


Red Clay Blues by Tom Winstead

Music is one of the greatest forms of magic in the world. But it’s not the only magic, and not all magic is good.


Poppet by Leslie Scott

In magic when everything can go wrong, it will. When you’re a teenage girl chasing a wayward spirit—that becomes your mantra.


The Perfect Birthday Gift by Betty Bolte

Myrtle Marple anticipates spending her 21st birthday in 1821 relaxing at home with her sister in their Alabama cottage. But when an Elven Envoy sparkles into her living room with a very special surprise gift from her deceased parents, her life changes forever.


Friday at Maple Hill by Bonnie Gardner

Vonnie Wright has made a habit of visiting her late husband at Maple Hill Cemetery every Friday afternoon. When she begins taking her four-year-old granddaughter with her one October, she meets new people she's never met before.


Kidnapped for a Day by Carla Swafford

Nothing like waking up in a prison cell chained to the past and a captivating woman. With only twenty-four hours to ensure their freedom, a mercenary discovers feelings he never knew existed until locked up with his sister’s best friend.


Remy’s Reunion by CS Ward

Remy started his day with a hangover and a broken tractor. When he stumbles upon a car on the side of the road, with feminine clothes draped over an abandoned chair, will his day only get worse…or better?


Reviewing the Situation by Marilyn Baxter

Assigned to make sure a reviewer gives her employer a stellar review, Kara Benson, head of guest services at a luxury beach resort, not only is surprised he turns out to be an old flame but soon suspects he’s not a reviewer after all.  When conflict arises, does her loyalty lie with her boss or does she follow her heart while she is reviewing the situation?


Founders Day Surprise by Jannette Spann

Sally’s fallen hard for a Texas rancher who doesn’t know she exists and her sister is determined to saddle her with a computer nerd. What’s a girl to do?


Beer and Caviar by Linda Howard

Siana Mallory had it all together—until Luke Arledge turned her life upside down.

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